About the challenge

Welcome to K12 Design Challenge with the topic “Futuristic Transport”!

This challenge is for all young innovators who are creativity, passion, and enthusiasm to shape a better world. The main goal of this challenge is to learn new skills, have fun and create futuristic design concept which can change the future of transport.

Besides that, the participants get a chance to showcase the concepts to the world and win great prizes.

The challenge consists of monthly challenge and followed by a mega challenge on November 27th, 2021.

Good luck everyone!

K12 design challenge


Design Topic

Design a futuristic flying machine using tinkercad or fusion 360.


The competition is open for K12 students worldwide who falls in below two categories.

Primary students: age 8 – 11 years
Secondary students aged 12- 15 years.

Monthly Competition

All participants need to take part in at least one monthly challenge to be eligible for Mega challenge participation.


Participants have below 2 options to participate.

Pay a fee of $19 and register for the challenge.
Attend a Multirotor drone or fixed wing drone design course and participate in the challenge for free.

Design Criteria

  • All challenge entries must be designed using Autodesk Fusion 360 or tinkercad
  • A write up about the design concept, still image of design is required with all entries.
  • Complete at least 1 Monthly Challenges to Enter the MEGA CHALLENGE


Learn about multirotor and fixed wing drone and to design using Autodesk software.

  • Design multirotor drone – Tinkercad
  • Design multirotor drone – fusion 360
  • Design Fixed wing drone – Tinkercad
  • Design Fixed wing drone – fusion 360