K12 Design Challenge

Welcome to “K12 Design Challenge”- 2021 this Challenge aims at accelerating the practical use of latest technology in air transportation. We are inviting all the young innovators who are creative, passionate, and enthusiastic to shape a better world. The aim of the challenge is to encourage young learners to new skills, have fun, and create a futuristic design concept that can change the future of transportation.

Participants of this challenge to design a model of drone, aircraft or a space craft for transportation using Autodesk software along with a concept note and submit. The shortlisted participants are invited to present the concept to a panel of judges at our virtual event to decide the winner of the challenge.

The topic for the challenge is Design a “futuristic air transport.”

With the advancement in technology and the need for quicker, safer, and more ecofriendly travel, questions for the future of transport are rising seriously. What will future transportation look like? Will it be a drone or something else? What kinds of energy will humanity facilitate to drive from A to B? what technology will they be using? And if we ever colonize other planets, what vehicles will bring us there?

Room enough for an innovator’s imagination, enroll now for “K12 Design Challenge” 2021.

Evaluation criteria will include novelty of your idea, complexity, clarity, detailed presentation, concept note, feasibility, practicality, sustainability, the scale of impact, user experience, and potential for future work progression.

All entries will be judged based on the following criteria (the “Criteria”):

  • Evaluation Criteria – Weightage
  • Design Objective – 20%
  • Creativity and Novelty of Design – 30%
  • Knowledge of Technology – 30%
  • Impact /User Experience/Presentation – 20%
  • Register for the challenge by enrolling in the program
  • Attend the virtual workshop
  • Create a 3D design and concept note based on the challenge topic
  • Access to the challenge portal and submit your entries
  • Shortlisted entries to present the concept to panel of judges


You can register for the challenge by attending any one of our below design workshops and get a direct entry to the challenge.

Drone Designing
Aircraft Designing
Spacecraft Designing

Alternately, you can click here to register for the challenge if you do not wish to attend our workshops.

Do you want to register your school for the challenge?

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